Apparently one of my old titles was newsworthy: The strangest job titles of the dot-com era

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“Perhaps the laid-back dreaminess of the era was best captured by the super-relaxed title Richard Yoo chose for himself. Yoo, the cofounder of Rackspace, left that company to create a hosting service aimed at the lower end of the market. He called it ServerBeach, and to make clear his own place at the top of this chilled-out virtual seaside community, he declared himself its “Big Kahuna.” The idyll didn’t last, though, as the company was acquired by Peer 1 Hosting in 2004.”

The strangest job titles of the dot-com era

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  • Andrew says:


    Before Rackspace I was briefly the “Divisional Thought Leader” for NCR’s financial services division…. It was basically a CMO type role but they decided they wanted a trendy title….