Android is crushing iPhone

Jul 08 2011 Published by under Ramblings

I had a hunch that Android was beating iPhone, but this guy has proven that to a whole new level…

I’m sometimes amazed how the Apple fanclub of bloggers and journalists use so-called facts to make iPhone a much bigger success than it really is. Perhaps they’re living in denial about the Android reality. I don’t really care why. For a week, and even today, I’ve put up with their prognostications that Android is suddenly in decline before Apple’s Jesus phone. That’s simply, and undeniably, not reality. It’s pure fantasy.

via Android is unstoppable.

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  • It’s funny, because Apple is mirroring Microsoft’s old videogame release strategy by throwing out their new “tech” (XBOX) first, thus capitalizing on being the forerunners in the “next generation.”

    It worked for apple before with the iPhone and iPad because consumers already had a streamlined media delivery service in iTunes, which essentially made their new devices “plug and play.” The new tech was sexy, and people were willing to shell out top-dollar for items that did things no other hand-held could.

    Now, with the proliferation of Android smartphones and tablets, consumers have a real choice between the Apple gadgets or the generally more affordable Android alternatives. Though Apple was able to capitalize before on hype and innovation, the lines of difference between the iPhone4 and the top tiered Android phones are blurry in terms of functionality, with the Android phones being more “dev friendly.”

    Basically, the iPhone 5 needs to reinvent the wheel, or I foresee even more ground being given up to the Android platform. Hell, I would even guess that the upcoming iPhone 5 will not create the market ripple that it’s previous iterations did. Sure you’ll get the fanboys shelling out the big bucks, but many will be hard pressed to justify an upgrade in an increasingly flooded market where the tech-turnover is every six months.