Results in: Xenex technology decreases infection rates

May 25 2011 Published by under Ramblings

The video shown in this link is very compelling… everyone should demand that their hospital rooms be “Xenex’ed”!


In America’s hospitals, approximately one in 20 patients will contract a hospital-acquired infection (HAI). At Cooley Dickinson Hospital last year, one in 129 patients got an HAI. Now, those better odds of avoiding an infection at Cooley Dickinson have improved even further, as the hospital has documented a groundbreaking 82 percent drop in one type of infection, Clostridium difficile (C. diff), a nasty germ that can cause diarrhea, sepsis and even death.

"This decrease translates to many more people leaving the hospital safer and with better outcomes," said Joanne Levin, MD, CDH’s Medical Director of Infection Prevention.

The 82 percent drop in incidence of C. diff occurred following adoption in January of room cleaning with portable UV light, an added step among many CDH already takes to eliminate infections, reported Levin. Cooley Dickinson Hospital was the first hospital in the Northeast to use the Xenex PX-UV Disinfection System.

via Results just in: UV room technology decreases infection rates | The Cooley Dickinson Hospital of Western Massachusetts.

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