How to make a tape-measure yagi antenna for radio direction finding

Mar 08 2010 Published by under Ramblings

I was fascinated with this antenna design when I saw it at a local ham radio meeting… I love how you can roll it up for travel…

This antenna evolved during my search for a beam with a really great front-to-back ratio to use in hidden transmitter hunts. This design exhibits a very clean pattern and is perfect for RDF use. It trades a bit of forward gain in exchange for a very deep notch in the pattern toward the rear. (You could optimize the design for more forward gain, but at the expense of a really good notch in the pattern toward the rear.) It is a design that can be constructed using only simple hand tools (no machine shop needed) and still perform well. It has been duplicated several dozen times by other local hams and has been successfully used as a club construction project.


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