Upgraded my old 20gig iPod with a CF card – now its a 32gb flash iPod

Nov 02 2009 Published by under Ramblings

Posted by richardyoo on Natuba

The hard drive on my old 20gb iPod died and I figured I’d just upgrade it to flash instead of throwing it away.

I bought a 32gb CF card and a CF card to 1.8″ ide converter.

The toughest part was opening up the iPod (which wasn’t all that hard – plenty of how-to’s on the ‘net). After getting the card in the adapter, and the adapter into the iPod, I closed up the case and plugged it into my PC for its sync. After it re-sync’ed my music all was well.

32gigs of solid-state space on my oldie-but-goodie iPod! 😀

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