My new treadmill desk (aka – ikea + treadmill project)

Oct 25 2009 Published by under Ramblings

Posted by richardyoo on Natuba

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  • Daniel says:

    Why not hook up one of these bad boys (removing and re-positioning the screen assembly) and keep your whole desk?
    Make it so.

  • Richard Yoo says:

    Because it won’t help your posture if you sit down

  • Zach says:

    Are you going to be publishing the bill of materials for this treadmill?

  • Jared says:

    I was thinking of doing this a few months ago, but got too lazy. Do you find the computer shelf to be stable enough? Did you attach it to the treadmill for extra stablity? I’m curious to see whether you stick with it. It sounds like a great idea, but not necessarily something that’s easy to get used to.

  • Richard Yoo says:

    Zach – its just a treadmill… and an ikea desk – the desk was $120

    Jared – you’re pretty active as it is, I’m sure you’d be bored by the setup… however, I hate the outdoors so its perfect for me 🙂

  • Zach says:

    I’ve been meaning to build one of these at work for awhile now. How is the stability?

    Did you look into using one of these mounted to the treadmill instead of the full desk?

    Do you find it easy to type email while walking?

  • Richard Yoo says:

    Zach – that arm would wobble like crazy.. the table I used is completely isolated from the treadmill and doesn’t shake.

    Typing email is easier than reading… but you get used to reading within the first 15mins anyways. You basically lean on the desk to get stability… I used it for 3 hours today and had no issues.