Twitter Updates for 2008-07-07

Jul 07 2008 Published by under Twitter

  • have I mentioned how awesome it is to have web-based email? Gmail + Firebox=”Da Bomb”! My PC is sooooo much snappier! #
  • Rackspace shareholder meeting tomorrow. Im a founder & a shareholder so I feel like I should go but it seems like a waste of time. Thoughts? #
  • @craigalberino Yes, Google’s email uploader requires outlook installed (it seems). But you can select which folders to send up, etc.. #
  • @maslowbeer is there a way to get the nerf bullets back? or is just a “cost of biz”? 🙂 #
  • @vluther Any new good/cool places to in SA? #
  • @dshafik Dog & Pony indeed… my fears exactly. #
  • @vluther Wow, they finally finished the 510 construction? thats huge! #

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