Twitter Updates for 2008-05-08

May 08 2008 Published by under Twitter

  • @candieb Thanks! @Natuba is much more of a challenging biz to run than Rackspace! #
  • – Multi-wan on soekris 4501 with openwrt #
  • @economysizegeek Yes, setting up failover – it seems that with two people working from home, minor hiccups in internet are painfully obvious #
  • @economysizegeek Also the 4501 has more horsepower than a WRT unit for more agressive QoS and VPN stuff #
  • @economysizegeek You can balance, I’m just setting up failover. You can get 16meg connections in Houston.
  • @economysizegeek oops. #
  • @economysizegeek fast up-speeds make uploading photos a snap. I wish FIOS was in town, 45+mbps! #

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