Twitter Updates for 2008-04-10

Apr 10 2008 Published by under Twitter

  • shopping for camera-mount shotgun mic for Natuba video shoots…looking at simple Audio-Technica AT835b… thoughts? #
  • looks like the AT835b has been replaced with the AT8035 #
  • @shawnp0wers The reviews for the DM-50 are bad on Amazon. But the RODE VideoMic reviews are A+. #
  • @shawnp0wers I read that the DM-50 didnt’ sound that great. The RODE sounds awesome but is too hot of a signal for my PV-GS200 #
  • @shawnp0wers I guess I need to continue my research #
  • @shawnp0wers The AT8035 is what I’d get, but its pricey and I need to buy a shoe-mount and XLR-to-phono adapter which makes it even more $$ #
  • @shawnp0wers why don’t you just get a temp cheapo wired lav mic? – I got one for $30 with a really long cord. then continue researching #
  • d’oh – something happened and now there’s low water pressure in the house. 🙁 #
  • the water is back… w00t! #
  • Retweeting @natuba: Natuba is on Facebook! Add the Natuba app to your profile Retweet please! #
  • @dsilverman re: natuba facebook app – no worries… so long as you’re posting pics to Natuba anyways… 🙂 #

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