Starbucks Switches to AT&T from T-Mobile

Feb 11 2008 Published by under Ramblings

This is HUGE – Starbucks Switches to AT&T from T-Mobile for their Wifi service! I wonder if this means that all AT&T DSL customers get free access at Starbucks now? Wow!

Starbucks is shredding its deal in place since 2001, originally with MobileStar then T-Mobile, to switch to AT&T as their Wi-Fi provider. That moves 7,000 locations from T-Mobile’s ledgers of nearly 9,000 to AT&T’s. It turns AT&T from “McDonald’s plus,” with a relatively small footprint of other locations, to a 15,000-location giant. AT&T is also part of Boingo’s roaming network, which could mean (no news yet on this) that Boingo customers would suddenly add 7,000 highly desirable domestic roaming locations.

T-Mobile Loses Starbucks; AT&T Becomes Wi-Fi Hotspot Giant

UPDATE: More on the ATT/Starbucks deal: Starbucks Switches to AT&T, the Next Day

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