Jan 06 2008 Published by under Ramblings

I’ve been a Verizon EV-DO customer for a couple of years now, but it seems like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. When I got to CES in Las Vegas the fastest speeds I got over EV-DO was about 200kbps:

So, so I decided to switch to UMTS to see what I’d get on ATT and here’s what I got:

I think I maybe canceling my EV-DO service when I get back. 😀

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  • Katherine says:

    I have had good luck with my AT&T phone. Geri and I both have connected at surprisingly high speeds before.

    Have fun out there!

  • Josh Tabin says:

    I have been a customer of Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, SBC Wireless, Cingular and now AT&T for 12 years now and they tend to have the best and fastest network around…in most cities I have been to. I never use Wi-fi anymore unless its free…otherwise I tether my laptop and get broadband speeds. I ran a Skype call while online on Second Life while tethered to my Blackjack…pretty impressive.

  • The amazing thing about UMTS is that though it has become available here in the USA and thus more popular in the past year or so, NTT-DoCoMo has it available in Japan for over 10 years now!