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Aug 29 2007 Published by under Ramblings

It appears we’ve made the the local paper today… 🙂

Entrepreneur passes over Austin and picks Bayou City as he continues to develop ideas such as Natuba.com

Calling Houston home

And its on the front page of the biz-section:

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  • Katherine says:

    Very nice! Congrats! Nice Tux…

  • Tina York says:

    Hey, Natuba.com was my idea! Just joking…congratulations on a wonderful article!

  • Congratulations, Richard, for what’s sure to be another “success story”. From my first days, doing sales training at Rackspace, you were the founder that everyone looked up to. I was delighted to run into you, in my new adopted town of Houston, last year. It’s destiny! I guess we’re supposed to work together again. Let me know when you want to break the news on LIVE radio. You are welcome on my show when the timing’s right.