Jun 12 2007 Published by under Ramblings

We’ve been very busy here in Houston… most recently we’ve finally launched one of the projects we’ve been working on to the public. As Steve Jobs would call it, Natuba is a “hobby.” 😀

If you’d like an invite, drop me a line… meanwhile, here’s some local press about it:

Houston’s HushLabs launches new Natuba social media aggregator

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  • Rob La Gesse says:

    Richard – I would love an invite – congrats on the launch!


  • Rob La Gesse says:

    Richard – thanks for the invite – Natuba is pretty cool – and the fact that you offer an RSS feed for the aggregate information is very nice!

    Can’t wait for LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Zooomr, and FaceBook to be added!

    BTW – the site works extremely well – nicely designed, and not too “busy”. I love the simplicity!


  • Jason Victor says:


    From what (little) I’ve read Natuba seems like a great idea that is sorely needed and I would love to check it out. Could you favor me with an invite.

    Much thanks (and anticipation);


  • Erick Wang, Esq says:

    Securities Lawyer here, I think we would do lunch sometime and talk.