Move over Toyota

Jun 12 2007 Published by under Ramblings

Move over Toyota, the Koreans have taken over your turf…

Once known best as the maker of cheap, entry-level cars with nagging manufacturing flaws, the South Korean automaker outperformed its Japanese, European and U.S. rivals in this year’s survey, based on interviews with 27,780 people who bought 2007 models in September-November 2006.

Last year, Hyundai had no winners. And highly regarded Toyota Motor Corp., despite improving its overall quality, went from four leaders last year to one in 2007.

Hyundai grabs lead in auto quality study

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  • Katherine says:

    I love our hyndai Santa Fe. I think we’ll probably even trade our POS american car in for another Sata Fe. Hyundai is awesome if you are cheap like me and refuse to spend money on cars.