Rackspace Founded

Jan 23 2007 Published by under Ramblings

Found this photo as I was digging through some boxes.

Rackspace is Signed

The Rackspace deal-makers… from left to right – Morris Miller, Dirk Elmendorf, Richard Yoo, and Pat Condon. Our lawyers were also there, working very hard in the background. (Thanks to Daryl Lansdale for shooting the photo for us. 😀 )

The six of us probably were together daily for weeks. In fact, if I remember correctly, Morris was working on our deal while his wife was giving birth! (For the record, both the baby and mother did fine. :))

The photo was stamped 12/30/98 – but I can assure you that the process of getting the final documents signed started the evening before. In fact, I think we were locked in the law office from 9:00pm the previous night. It sounds rough, but I remember it very fondly. 😀

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