Dual Tuner Tivo

Apr 28 2006 Published by under Ramblings

Everyone is excited about this new Tivo box that came out.

YAY! Great! It has built-in ethernet! WOW! And it has dual-tuner capability – we can record TWO shows at once! Whoopie!

So Tivo finally delivers on a feature that people want, right? Dual tuners is the ultimate, right?


These Tivo idiots have released a box that can record two shows at the same time, however:

  • The coax source MUST be analog cable TV. (no RF antennas allowed here folks)
  • Only one of the sources can be an external tuner box like a cable or digital cable or sat dish box.

How lame is that?!

Why can’t you have two receiver boxes hooked up? And why can’t you use RF antennas for an input instead? (which would be great if you had DishNet or DirecTV since Tivo won’t let you have two receiver boxes!)


Tivo is a loser – no wonder they’re losing marketshare hand over fist. [sigh]

So yeah, the dual tuners are pretty much the only functional difference once you get the thing booted. TiVo is pretty up front about what it can tune and how: one cable box, max. Which means if your cable company only offers digital cable (like ours), you’ll only be able to use a single tuner with that single cable box. (TiVo called to let us know this thing won’t tune RF — yick.) If you have digital and analog on the same line, you should be fine recording digital and basic cable simultaneously

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