Cell Phone Overclocking

Mar 30 2006 Published by under Ramblings

Telephones are just supposed to work. No fuss. Pick it up, dial a number, and you’re connected.

Cell phones shouldn’t be any different – but they are.

In the case of my I-Mate K-Jam, the thing is simply too slow. And often times, it looks like its frozen – while its actually just chugging through something.

Last night I decided I need to do some research on overclocking this thing. Turns out, someone else had the same complaint and already had a blog entry about it. Here it is:

Smartskey update, overclocking integrated

The standard clockspeed was 132mhz, and now I got it running at 264 – twice as fast. Its only been in this state for about 6 hours, but its like having a completely different phone – its a huge improvement.

The only thing left is to see what it does to the battery life… 🙂

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  • Stanley says:

    As you may have noticed, the link is now being redirected to the new HTC Wizard Web, a community website for HTC Wizard owners. The link goes to the same article. You may want to take a look or even subscribe.

    Thanks for the link!