Treo 700w

Feb 06 2006 Published by under Ramblings

I went to the local Verizon store today to buy a Treo 700w. But I didn’t.

Its not to say its not a great phone:

  • The sound quality is awesome – its loud and clear (finally!)
  • The proc is pretty quick – but its not quick enough… I managed to get it to slow down when switching apps.
  • The one-handed operation of the 700w is better than any PocketPC phone I’ve owned (or played with) but its not as slick as the Treo 650’s UI.
  • It has EV-DO for data access and I can only sum it up with one word – “WOW!” Its wicked fast.

So the upside is that its probably the best PocketPC phone I’ve seen… but the downside is that since its on the PocketPC platform its really hard to make it that much different than anyone elses PocketPC phone… I mean, is there really THAT much difference between one company’s WinXP machine to another’s? (I’ve not thought so in quite some time.)

Ultimately it didn’t make sense to buy it at the Verizon store even if I did want to go home with it since has a $350 (after rebate) price on it while the walk-in store had it for $500.

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  • JimYang says:

    I am waiting for 700p. Rumor has it that it will be out around April (Sprint EVDO).
    or 800p.

  • Richard Yoo says:

    Don’t get me started on this whole PalmOS stuff… its so unstable its virtually unusable – its the main reason I got rid of my Treo 650 in the first place, I’ll never go back to PalmOS.

  • […] After seeing how little Palm did to improve the one-handed operation of the PocketPC OS in their latest phone, the 700w, I wasn’t all that dissappointed in the end about the first issue. But the slow processor issue was a bit of a problem. […]