About the ColdHeat

Feb 02 2006 Published by under Ramblings

Ok so people continue to ask me – “Does this ColdHeat thingy really work?”

I actually got one as a gift from Dirk, and quite frankly – I like it. It does take a little while to get used it – this is not your father’s soldering iron. But once you realize that its not the same thing, and treat it as something different, it actually does a pretty decent job soldering joints on wires and pcbs.

As an invention, Cold Heat seems to have everything. At first glance, it does something old (soldering) in a new, potentially better way (without a hot soldering iron and the risk of burns). It has the “Why didn’t someone do this before?” factor.

How Cold Heat Works

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  • Tweeks says:

    Good info. Sounds like it’s good for “Hey! I need to solder a wire” as opposed to “Hey! I need to solder this 14 pin DIP or SMD”. 😉