Dec 17 2005 Published by under Ramblings

It appears that Audible updated their website – they cleaned it up a bit… its a bit faster… you can now download mulitple titles at once. All in all its an improvement.

I also noticed that if you upgrade to their newer Platinum Listener account, you can get a free iPod shuffle as long as you stay on-board for 6 months. Since I’ve been a member for some time, I just figured I’d upgrade to the newest account to get the free iPod.

At first this was fine… I cancelled my older subscription, then signed up for the new promo… everything was great… until I went to check my “Next Listen” queue.

Its gone. >:(

It seems that they’ve eliminated the “Next Listen” queue in favor of providing “roll-over” credits… which is fine. Except now I have no idea what it was I wanted to listen to for the next few months.

Hey Audible – how about moving all the “Next Listen” items to the wishlist!? Or possibly just alerting the user to the fact that you’d be losing the items in the queue!?

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