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Google Losing?

Dec 29 2005 Published by under Ramblings

Its not often when Google gets beat by someone…

… Hitwise has crunched the traffic data, and YouTube indeed overtook Google Video in market share, shooting up 83% in one week …

Guess I Was Onto Something

And if you haven’t seen the “Lazy Sunday” Saturday Night Live sketch you can view it below… its pretty funny – DOUBLE TRUE!

SNL – The Chronic of Narnia Rap

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Dec 28 2005 Published by under Ramblings

Easy Ubuntu is cool, but this is just as useful:

This is a graphical interface for installation of a lot of apps on UBUNTU BREEZY and for tweaking a few things to get your Ubuntu box up and working in full throttle in the quickest possible timespan.

Automatix (Automated GUI installation script)

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Dec 26 2005 Published by under Ramblings

This is great – I’ve already used it four times in the past week:

Unlocker overrides those annoying Error Deleting File or Folder messages. When you want to delete a file and Windows won’t let you, use Unlocker to free the file from system processes holding it hostage. Unlocker will delete stubborn files, free files from a captive process or kill process that won’t let go using normal means in the Windows Task Manager.


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Dec 17 2005 Published by under Ramblings

It appears that Audible updated their website – they cleaned it up a bit… its a bit faster… you can now download mulitple titles at once. All in all its an improvement.

I also noticed that if you upgrade to their newer Platinum Listener account, you can get a free iPod shuffle as long as you stay on-board for 6 months. Since I’ve been a member for some time, I just figured I’d upgrade to the newest account to get the free iPod.

At first this was fine… I cancelled my older subscription, then signed up for the new promo… everything was great… until I went to check my “Next Listen” queue.

Its gone. >:(

It seems that they’ve eliminated the “Next Listen” queue in favor of providing “roll-over” credits… which is fine. Except now I have no idea what it was I wanted to listen to for the next few months.

Hey Audible – how about moving all the “Next Listen” items to the wishlist!? Or possibly just alerting the user to the fact that you’d be losing the items in the queue!?

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Quantum Entanglement

Dec 16 2005 Published by under Ramblings

For all you physics geeks out there… πŸ™‚

These pages explain quantum entanglement by way of colourful pictures, helpful analogies, and absolutely no math.

Quantum Entanglement

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Regarding the WRT54G

Dec 16 2005 Published by under Ramblings

Ok guys… the newest WRT54G v5.0 does not run linux… and you can’t run linux on it. So if you plan on getting one, you’d better go pick one up now and hope you can find a v3.0 or older on the store shelves.

However, you can still pick up the WRT54GS units, which still run linux (for now)… which is probably the better one to own since it has twice the memory and flash available for hacking.

There is also a rumor of a WRT54GL coming out, where the L denotes Linux… which may solve the problem of getting them in the future – we’ll see.

Clearing Up the Confusion: No More Linux on the WRT54G?

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