David Prager starts is own venture fund!

Apr 12 2016

Congrats to Prager and his crew!

Rev3 Founder David Prager forms new fund, Monstro Ventures, to back early-stage tech startups

The team behind Monstro is launching a new microfund called Monstro Ventures, according to co-founder David Prager.

For the unfamiliar, Monstro is an ad agency with headquarters in Oakland and another office in Los Angeles that specializes in video creative, including videos that get hype going around crowdfunding or launches of new tech products.

Prager is best-known as the founder of Revision3, acquired by Discovery Communications in 2012. Rev3, as it is sometimes called, was an early player in Web TV, whose programs then and now cover niche topics in tech, gaming and other areas of pop culture.

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More color on the story behind why the fund was started:


β€œMaybe you should start a venture fund based on this. You might be one of only about five people in the world qualified to do it”.

These words came out of a close investor friend’s mouth as I sat down to speak with him last year at his office, somewhere inside of the WeWork facility at the intersection of Jones and Market Street in San Francisco. They would be pivotal. Last year I, along with two of my closest conspirators, realized that our combined experience as early adopters, as tech vets, and as storytellers gave us the unique opportunity to start something new. This is my story about how Monstro the creative agency and Monstro Ventures the venture capital firm came to be.

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Playing some Burger Time on the big screen with RetroPi – serious nostalgia πŸ€—

Apr 07 2016

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Thanks to @organprinter for the awesome tour of OEDK at Rice today

Apr 04 2016

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I’m shocked how much fun the new ES is to drive in sport mode 😡

Mar 31 2016

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If you’re wondering what Xenex does, watch this video

Mar 29 2016

Why the World Needs a Germ-Zapping Robot:

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Trying out some new Sony Bluetooth cans… 🎢 We’ll see – pretty big to travel with πŸ€”

Mar 24 2016

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#monks2016 withdrawal… Tons of new projects to work on… But no speeding tickets YAY 😎🏁

Mar 16 2016

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Just arrived at Conclave 2016 @ Innovation Ranch #monks2016 where’s the fire? πŸ”₯

Mar 13 2016

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I had no idea the guys who designed the Ferrari, Pininfarina, also designed the fancy Coke machine

Feb 28 2016

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Time to exercise the 458 in this kick’n weather… Hopefully I won’t get slowed down by a horse (‘cuz ya know – rodeo trail ride in town) πŸ™… 🐎

Feb 26 2016

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The new RX may not be super fast nor super furious but I bet it will run for miles and miles and miles

Feb 23 2016

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Replacing a door lock actuator… $40 to do at home… $250 at the dealer πŸ€‘

Feb 21 2016

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I don’t always upgrade WiFi ap’s… But when I do, I get them in 5-packs πŸ– #unifi AP-AC-PRO

Feb 09 2016

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VIDEO: History of the game Oregon Trail

Feb 09 2016

I had no idea it was originally a board game…

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Wow! Apparently I’ve read the equivalent of 65 books in online articles for 2015… That’s a lot of time staring at a tiny screen πŸ€“ πŸ“± πŸ“–

Feb 03 2016

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VIDEO: Rare Look Inside The Famous Iron Mountain

Feb 02 2016

There’s a reference to this location on Mr Robot… and you can actually see a tour of the real Iron Mountain facility… impressive place…

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The Superleggera may be a bit of an oldie compared to all the new super cars rolling out these days… But it’s still certainly a goodie πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ 🏁

Jan 30 2016

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Learning about the new Imperial Market expansion in Sugar Land

Jan 28 2016

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So long, and thanks for all the fish! #ordcamp #ordcamp2016 😴 πŸ–– (I’m exhausted!)

Jan 24 2016

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Arrived at Google for #ordcamp2016 – let the madness begin πŸ‘πŸ˜±

Jan 22 2016

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VIDEO: Hear what my buddy Avi Freeman is working at Kentik

Jan 20 2016

CEO Chat With Avi Freedman, Kentik

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Who does this? It’s madness! #badUI

Jan 17 2016

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Finally had a chance to get the charger set up for the BMW i8 πŸƒπŸ

Jan 12 2016

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This is a machine that will sort and fold your laundry… Mind-blown 😱 #CES2016

Jan 10 2016

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The new Ford GT at #CES2016 πŸ˜΅πŸπŸŽ‰

Jan 08 2016

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