Watch out! AT&T throttles speeds for heavy mobile data users

Dec 12 2011

Something to watch out for… looks like “unlimited data” is really dead these days…

Posted by tech enthusiast site CultofMac, a text message sent by AT&T to such a user says that "Your data usage is among the top 5 percent of users. Data speeds for the rest of your current bill cycle may be reduced."The data restriction policy comes as no surprise. AT&T had announced back in July that it would throttle speeds for heavy data users starting on October 1. The policy affects only subscribers who still have an unlimited data plan. Those with limited data plans who go over their allotment are simply charged for the extra data.AT&T has not made it clear how much data youd need to gobble up to appear in the top 5 percent, but the carrier has said that such users consume around 12 times more data than the average customer.

via AT&T throttles speeds for heavy data users | Digital Media – CNET News.

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