This guy and his wife both dumped the iPhone for the Nexus One

May 31 2010

I’m finding this to be more and more common… for those who actually buy and try a Nexus One, they prefer it over the iPhone. Its looks like sales will continue to grow for the Nexus One (and all Android) once people can try and buy Nexus One’s in brink and mortor stores.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to see what Team Apple rolls out for the new iPhone next week! 🙂

On April 24, I put aside my Google Nexus One and purchased a white 32GB iPhone 3GS from AT&T. Two days ago, I returned the Apple smartphone and cancelled the service. My reasons should interest anyone considering AT&T and iPhone between now and June 1st, especially, and after June 7th. The first date is when AT&T jacks up early termination fees; the second, when Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 4G.

10 reasons I dumped iPhone 3GS for Nexus One

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