Watch less TV

Dec 17 2009

I guess we all need to watch less TV now too…

What happens when people start watching less television? Do they eat less? Exercise more? Sleep better?

That is what researchers at the University of Vermont set out to learn in a fascinating six week study to monitor television viewing, physical activity and eating habits. As it turns out, watching less TV doesn’t necessarily lead to more exercise or better eating habits, but it does result in subtle but meaningful changes in overall activity levels, according to a new study in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

How Less TV Changes Your Day

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  • Shawn Powers says:

    I find it leads to a difficulty communicating with others around the lunch table.

    “Did you see The Big Bang Theory last night!! OMG….”

    “Um, no.”

    “Oh, well… How about Johnny getting kicked off Survivor! I didn’t see THAT coming!!!”

    “Um, actually no. We don’t have a TV.”

    “WTF? What does your furniture point at?”