Tweaking WinXP

Feb 07 2009

I don’t know if these actually improve the performance of XP, but its probably worth trying…

Windows XP is made up of a bunch of different applications running side by side. These applications are broken down into services, DLL files, and registry entries. Before I get a bunch emails, I know it’s far more complex than this but I am trying to keep it simple. Today we are going to focus in on some default XP services that are completely useless, or close to it. These services run in the background and take up memory, so disabling some of them will increase the amount of available memory in your system.

The ultimate guide to tweaking useless Windows XP services

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  • I use XP to this day. Way better than Vista. I’m considering making a few changes to speed up the system from the post but the fact that I need to consider making changes probably means I should really consider getting a mac or use linux as my operating system. Helpful post nonetheless.