The Latest on Caloric Restriction

Dec 13 2008

I’ve written about Caloric Restriction in my blog here before a few times… and the more I read and learn about it the more interesting it is… the basic thought is “To live longer, eat less.” Read more in the article below:

In a laboratory at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, Matthias is learning about timeโ€™s caprice the hard way. At 28, getting on for a rhesus monkey, Matthias is losing his hair, lugging a paunch and getting a face full of wrinkles.

Yet in the cage next to his, gleefully hooting at strangers, one of Matthiasโ€™s lab mates, Rudy, is the picture of monkey vitality, although he is slightly older. Thin and feisty, Rudy stops grooming his smooth coat just long enough to pirouette toward a proffered piece of fruit.

One for the Ages: A Prescription That May Extend Life

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