How to buy a new car and get a good deal

Aug 16 2008

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  • Shawn Powers says:

    My way is simpler…

    1) Live in a small town
    2) Find a salesperson that you know would use the commission to support their family
    3) Pay sticker price
    4) Don’t feel like an A-Hole.


  • amanda says:

    No plug for my site of employment, of course, which has each of the tools he recommends.

    Granted I’m biased since I, you know, get paid to teach car dealers how to work with internet leads and be less reprehensible human beings. This guy doesn’t exactly make that job easier because he advocates lying to dealers and being evasive.

    Car shopping isn’t rocket science:
    – Research
    – Pick
    – Be nice
    – Stick to your guns.