DSL Modem Firmware Hack

Nov 20 2008

After a few hours of tinkering (mainly going through my old stack of PC’s to find something that was old enough to actually work with the flash updating software) I can attest that the process below actually does work.

It has been mentioned in this forum that the MSN DSL1000 modem was a rebranded ACCTON, and that SMC also had a model based on the Accton model. My primary purpose in attempting this stems from the fact that my speakeasy dsl install kit doesn’t come until next week, and my roommate used to have msn broadband. I have successfully installed and configured the SMC Barricade 7401BRA firmware on the MSN DSL1000. This is a quick and dirty documentation of my method, and what you might encounter if you choose to make the switch.

Convert MSN DSL1000 modem to SMC 7401BRA

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